Hipsters toast in the tub.
Hipsters toast in the tub.
Family Sandwich / Funny Or Die

L.A. Gets Its Own 'Jersey Shore' -- 'Hipster Shore' (And You'll Really Be Surprised Where It's Set) [Video]

What would it be like if there was an L.A. version of Jersey Shore? Would the guidos be Orange County douches in Affliction t-shirts? Would the muscle-bound Italian American boys be replaced by the spiky-haired Latinos? Would Snooki be a short Asian girl with a fake-bake?

We want to know. Luckily, a troupe called Family Sandwich has set out to answer some of those questions with a Jersey Shore parody it calls Hipster Shore.

The webisodes are set in ...

... Silver Lake, of course. (Although the keen eyes at Curbed LA note that at least some of the first episode was shot in Hollywood).

The series has a mind-blowing premise, as one of the cast members explains:

"So we're in this house and we're supposed to be making friends, but that's so unoriginal."

It looks funnier than watching a hipster trying to choose what neon colored fake Ray-Bans they're going to buy, so we'll stay tuned.


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