Alfred Lomas.
Alfred Lomas.

L.A. Gang Tour Is A Popular Ride For Media

Organizers of that tour of Los Angeles gang turf and history we told you about previously have been inundated with requests from news media to go on the inaugural ride Jan. 16. So much so, in fact, that "if we accommodated all the requests from media to go on, the tour would have no room for customers," states Alfred Lomas, founder of L.A. Gang Tours.

So Lomas is giving the press a late holiday present by putting on a special, media-only tour in an effort to accommodate all the scribes. The media tour will probably happen Jan. 10 or 11, he states.

Lomas says that members of the press who take the tour will be asked if their resulting materials can be used in a gang documentary he's been working on.

Gang truces have been worked out to facilitate a safe route for the tour, organizers state. It will go to L.A. County Jail, the Los Angeles River bed, Skid Row, Florencia 13 gang turf in South L.A., old Black Panther Party stomping grounds, and the Jordan Downs housing projects in Watts.


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