Villaraigosa. We think.
Villaraigosa. We think.

L.A. City Workers Spell Mayor Villaraigosa's Name Wrong -- For All The World to See

Rough couple years for the mayor who was at one time Latino politics' Great Brown Hope.

L.A. city bankruptcy was actually a common concern among local leaders last year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got caught taking valuable sports and entertainment tickets from people who do business with the city, and now MSNBC names its top ten Latino politicians on-the-rise and Mayor V. isn't on the list.

But that can't sting as bad as ...

... his own city workers misspelling his name.

That's right. Mayor Sam's Sister City has the proof: A photo of a blue Department Water and Power sign that calls him "Villaraigoza."

Mayor Villaraigosa becomes Villaraigoza.
Mayor Villaraigosa becomes Villaraigoza.
Mayor Sam's Sister City.

Maybe it's retribution for Villaraigosa's attempts to reign in pension and retirement benefits at a time when the city is still in the red. Or perhaps it was his failed attempt at sneakily giving the DWP a massive rate hike it wanted.

He used to be city workers' best friend. Heck, he comes from union leadership.

Now it's like, Villaraigoza who?


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