L.A. City Hall Shifting More Costs To Residents

As City Hall ponders its options in shaving a $212 million deficit one councilman is suggesting that the burden of sidewalk repairs be shifted to property owners. Councilman Bernard Parks says that the city could save millions by having you foot the bill for the fixes, according to the Daily News.

The city spent $95 million on sidewalk repairs between 2001 and 2009 he said. "During that period, about 550 miles more deteriorated," Parks said.

The shift would place another hidden tax on L.A. residents as the City Council fails to make the deep cuts necessary to pare its deficit. Although as many as 4,000 layoffs have been proposed, most won't happen anytime soon because the city's bureaucracy can't handle the paperwork and because unions have locks on many jobs at least through July.

At the same time, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has backed a plan to ask Department of Water and Power customers for an extra $2.50 a month so the city can develop alternative-energy sources such as the kind of solar-energy infrastructure turned down by voters last year.

Feeling taxed?

Just this week the mayor stated that the city's growing pothole problem was here to stay -- L.A. doesn't have the cash to expedite fixing them. Folks here at L.A. Weekly world headquarters have lost several tires (and suffered a few bent and cracked wheels) -- hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage -- as a result of the city's winter potholes.

We see all of the above as growing, indirect taxes on residents from a city that can't keep it's house in order. And we're guessing that, as L.A. faces another $485 million deficit in July, this is only the beginning.


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