L.A. City Hall Behind On Bill Collecting -- Way Behind

An audit by City Controller Wendy Greuel expected to be released today found that the city departments examined only collected 53 percent of the money they were owned for the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

Put another way, the departments billed $553.4 million but took in only $293 million of that at a time when the city is set to lay off a few hundred workers beginning Thursday for a savings of $24 million. The worst offenders when it comes to gettin' paid ... ?

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... The Department of Transportation (and its backlog of parking tickets that need to be paid) and the Emergency Management Services. The DOT collected only 53 percent of what it's owed; Emergency Management only took 38 percent of outstanding payments, according to a statement from Greuel's office.

The audit is a follow-up to a similar inquiry in 2007. Guess what? Recommended fixes from back then still haven't taken effect.

"With the City facing a multi-million dollar long-term budget deficit, the controller believes that it is critical that every dollar owed to the city is collected in a timely manner," Greuel's office stated.


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