Mickey Kaus.
Mickey Kaus.

Kaus' House Site Of Signature Gathering For U.S. Senate Run

As we first reported, Mickey Kaus has started up his challenge for a California U.S. Senate seat this week by taking out papers for the office from the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters. Now he's planning a "semi-gala petition-signing event" at his Venice home to help him turn in those papers.

The blogger, who plans to run as a Democrat against incumbent Barbara Boxer, says he needs less than 100 signatures to qualify for the ballot, so he plans to get them all at his party, scheduled for Friday night at his Venice home.

"I'm trying to get on the Democratic primary ballot to run for U.S. Senator," Kaus states in an email to friends. "But I need 100 good signatures from Democrats registered to vote in L.A. County."

The event will not have food and drink because Kaus fears that serving such could violate rules intended to prevent buying signatures.

"I'm scared to serve food and drinks, because it might be illegal (buying signatures)," he writes. "But you can BYOB and share other people's B."


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