Karma? Fed-Ex Truck Crashes Into L.A. Metro Bus, Just Miles From Occupy's Fed-Ex Protest
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Karma? Fed-Ex Truck Crashes Into L.A. Metro Bus, Just Miles From Occupy's Fed-Ex Protest


On this suspiciously nice-weathered morning in Los Angeles, a freak accident between a Fed-Ex truck and a Metro bus has blocked Van Nuys Boulevard in Panorama City.

The crash occurred mere hours before a big union- and Occupy L.A.-vetted protest of Fed-Ex (and other "corporate tax dodgers") was set to stage at the intersection of Sunset and Vine...

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... a short trip south from the crash scene over the Hollywood Hills.

Here's what labor union Good Jobs LA has to say about America's moneyed, modern-day Paul Revere:

FedEx -- which has a high-volume branch on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street -- is one of the country's worst corporate tax dodgers. From 2008 to 2010, FedEx made $4.2 billion in profits but they paid less than 1% in federal taxes. During that time FedEx spent $46 thousand a day lobbying Congress - $13.8 million more than they paid in taxes.

This morning's crash was a nasty one. According to the L.A. City Fire Department, the Fed-Ex truck "overturned with [a] fuel leak."

LAFD spokesman Brian Humphrey says the crash was originally reported as a "vehicle striking a pedestrian," but he's unsure why. Since then, it's been changed to a "two-vehicle collision between a parcel delivery truck and a transit bus." Humphrey says four ambulances were dispatched -- meaning at least four people are "ill or injured" as a result of the crash.

It took 250 pounds of sand, unloaded by firefighters, to cover the fuel spill. (Another strange twist: Eighteen people were injured in a nearly identical crash involving a Fed-Ex truck and a city bus in Miami yesterday.)

More on the Valley crash as we get it. And not to be insensitive, but -- what do you think? Have the Occupy gods unleashed their corporate-greed-seeking lightning bolts unto the Fed-Ex empire? Their ominous warning for January 25:

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