Karen Bass Secures Maxine Waters' Endorsement

Former Speaker Karen Bass has won the endorsement of Rep. Maxine Waters. That makes it much harder for anyone to challenge her for the open seat in the 33rd Congressional District.

Bass already had the support of the incumbent, Diane Watson, who is retiring. Watson and Waters are not exactly close, and there were rumors that Waters might back somebody else to take on Bass. (That happened in 2007 in the 37th C.D., when Watson backed Valerie McDonald and Waters supported Laura Richardson.)

A couple other candidates have pulled papers, but with both Watson and Waters in her corner, Bass seems to have a fairly clear path to victory.

"Traditionally, in districts that have been competitive in the African-American community, there have been factions in the past," says Steve Barkan, Bass's campaign consultant. "We don't see that happening here."


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