Kanye West Doesn't Know How to Sext

Kanye West Doesn't Know How to Sext

Remember a few weeks ago (or maybe it was more recent...I don't care) when there was slight blog buzz announcing two photos of Kanye West's cock were circulating the Interwebs?

Yeah me neither.

Well Kanye's peen has stolen Brett Favre's microphone cuz those photos are finally online for us all to gag at. Hooray?

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Mediatakeout.com has the exclusive pics, and I've honestly only looked at one. I just don't want to see a Twatpic (typo, but leaving it) or a cellphone snap of a floppy dick, especially when I'm eating breakfast. It's still early, folks...rapper cock is a dish best served room temperature after 1 p.m.

But the best part? These photos were taken by Kanye himself and sent to various girlies he was trying to either impress, turn on or irritate.

Stop. Sending. Photos. Of. Your. Boner.

You'd better believe that if I received flaccid cockshots of one of the world's most recognizable rappers, especially ones that reveal the size of his "ego" doesn't exactly match the size of his ego, I'd send them to the universe immediately. (I've go it on speed-dial.)

So Kanye (because I know you're reading this following your hourly Google Kanye search) next time you'd like to moisten up a young fan, stick to what you're good at.

Not self portraits.


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