Josh Post
Josh Post

Josh Post, L.A. Council Candidate, Suffers Writer's Block

Running for office is hard. Just ask Josh Post, one of the dozen candidates for Eric Garcetti's council seat. 

Today, Post uploaded a statement to his website on government transparency. In it, he vows to create a website that would show citizens how their money is being spent. So far so good, but he can't quite stick the landing:
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"By involving more local residents and creating a more transparent government, Josh hopes to restore the faith that has eroded in recent years. 'There will be no back-room deals. And if I am elected,' says Josh, 'I will bring __________________________writers block. ______________thoughts how to end??----------"
Josh Post, L.A. Council Candidate, Suffers Writer's Block

OK. Since you asked, here's how to end it. 

"And if I am elected," says Josh, "I will bring all stakeholders together and ensure that all voices are heard. Because it's not about what I can do as a councilman. It's about what we can do together for our city."


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