Jerry Brown to Rescue L.A.'s Public Access TV?

As L.A. Weekly's Patrick Range McDonald reported in a cover story two weeks ago, telecom giants, with City Hall's complicity, are working to shut down L.A.'s richly diverse cable-access TV environment by year's end. Today Leslie Dutton's Full Disclosure Web site announces that veteran free speech advocate and L.A. political powerbroker Stanley Sheinbaum has written a

letter to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, asking the AG to intervene to prevent the plug being pulled on 14 public access studios and channels by Time Warner.

"I cannot save public access in California," Sheinbaum wrote on December 17, "if it cannot be preserved in the City of Los Angeles, the heart of the media world."

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Full Disclosure also features a video of Sheinbaum's comments on the pending actions against public access TV.


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