Jennifer Logan
Jennifer Logan

Jennifer Logan, Sun Valley 25-Year-Old, Was Murdered in Her Car Last Night

Jennifer Logan was delivered a fatal bullet at about 6:30 p.m. yesterday, the sun still shining to the west.

The 25-year-old white woman hails from North Hollywood but lists herself on Facebook as a current resident of Sun Valley, where she was riding in a car with a 22-year-old Latino man on Wednesday evening.

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Richard French of LAPD media relations says that as they were driving, nearing the wide intersection of Roscoe Boulevard and Webb Avenue, the man "heard shots fired. And then at that moment..."

"... the woman was hit." Her driving companion ended up getting shot too.

They were both rushed to the hospital, where Logan was hooked up to life support. Police at the Foothill Station told City News Service that she "later died from her wounds." The young man is still alive and in stable condition.

French says the motive for the murder "appears to be gang-related."

Did you know Jennifer Logan? Any idea what went down on Roscoe last night? Please let us know.



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