Meg Whitman could lose this thing via the Latino vote.
Meg Whitman could lose this thing via the Latino vote.
Ted Soqui

Is This Thing Over? Brown Whipping Whitman In California Governor's Race

It looks like Meg Whitman's undocumented maid might lose the former eBay chief California's governorship. The latest poll from USC College and the Los Angeles Times had Attorney General Jerry Brown beating Whitman 52 to 39 percent just 10 days before the election.

The numbers show that Whitman has lost ground with Latino voters.

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We've characterized the slide as the "Nicky Diaz effect," named for the maid who claims Whitman knew was in the country illegally but kept her on until deciding to run for office.

Interestingly, whoregate -- the case of a Brown staffer calling Whitman a whore -- hasn't seemed to have moved women voters toward Whitman: She lost ground among that demographic, too.

The poll's interim director, Darry Sragow, told Fox 11 News that Whitman's "unfavorable numbers are not good" and "her favorable numbers have dropped."

He said Brown has a "20 point advantage on which candidate tells the truth."

In the race for Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat, she remained ahead of challenger Carly Fiorina 50 percent to 42 percent, according to the poll.

So who are you voting for?

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