Angelyne is L.A.'s poet laureate.
Angelyne is L.A.'s poet laureate.

Is L.A. Deserving Of Being Ranked In Bottom Half Of America's 'Smartest Cities' List?

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the nation and home to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (the home of true rocket science), Caltech, UCLA, USC and President Obama's alma mater, Occidental College. Our entertainment industry, high-tech hubs and Pacific Rim trade are second to almost none.

And yet ... our town ranked in the bottom of half of the recent "Smartest Cities" survey by The Daily Beast. We were down at 31, below the likes of Nashville and Charlotte, North Carolina. What gives?

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At least one commenter says we deserve the distinction.

Our commenter du jour says:

... What is the big surprise? LA has an AVERAGE 6th grade education in the workforce. That qualifies as stupid in anyone's book. Moreover it is the purposeful ignorance here that is the stunner, as if when one is ignorant of things one is not responsible for them. And just for good measure I must mention that LA is also consistently voted the least friendly city in the US. What a combo huh? Stupid and disagreeable.

What do you think?


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