Is Beverly Hills A Big Spender's Town? Survey Says ... Not So Much

Swimming pools, movie stars ... and cheapskates. We always said rich people don't get that way by being loose with their pocketbooks. A survey by spending-data site Bundle might confirm that fact: Although its real estate values often rank at the top of national lists, Beverly Hills ranked a measly 17th in its look at "25 Big-Spending Suburbs."

Bundle looked at household spending. The average B.H. family spends $99,624 a year. Not bad, but it was a low enough number to put the gilded city on the bottom half of the list. It's certainly not Kenilworth, Ill. money: That community ranked number one with $150,340 in outgoing household cash. Interestingly, ultra-rich Newport Beach also ranked surprisingly low (24th), with $83,527 in spending.

SoCal also had a few other communities on the list ... of lowest spenders. North Hollywood rounded out the top 10 cheapest suburbs with $26,598 in household outflow. Garden Grove ranked fourth at $23,754. And Oceanside in San Diego County hit fifth on that last with $24,193.

Of course, it's strange to call Beverly Hills a suburb. It's a city deep inside the bustling urban basin of Los Angeles, surrounded by West Hollywood, West L.A., Beverlywood and Carthay. Sunset, Santa Monica, Wilshire and Olympic boulevards pass through it. A gang, the Playboy Gangster Crips, claims turf just one mile to the south.

[Spotted at LABizObserved].


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