Ali Larter (left) and Milla Jovovich are residentially evil.
Ali Larter (left) and Milla Jovovich are residentially evil.

Injured Zombies on 'Resident Evil' Film Set Trip Up First Responders Who See Dead People

First responders were horrified this morning when they came upon the Resident Evil: Retribution film set, a production of Culver City-based Sony Screen Gems, and apparently found people bloodied, wrapped in gauze, bruised, limping, ash-faced and otherwise walking wounded.

It was a scene straight out a Halloween horror flick. Literally. The victims were dressed as zombies for the film, and they wore fake blood, but some of the cuts and bruises were all too real.

A platform they were working on collapsed, injuring 18. It all happened ...

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... about 8 a.m. at Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto, where the fifth Resident Evil installment is being filmed, according to the news outlet CP24.

The movie stars Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez (dang, way to bounce back from those drinking problems, Michelle). The injured didn't appear to include the pair.

Anyway, our keen editor noted that if this were the 1950s, such a story would have been planted by the studios' PR folks as a publicity stunt. And seeing that the platform that gave way only fell slightly more than 3 feet, according to CP24, this whole scenario might make you scratch your chin.

Unfortunately, 10 people were injured bad enough -- including broken bones -- to be hospitalized. So this shit was real.

Fortunately, like zombies, they're all carrying on. The film gets released next year.



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