Walking Man.
Walking Man.

Hundreds Turn Out For Walking Man Memorial Stroll In Silver Lake

Several hundred people turned out Sunday for a walking tour to memorialize Silver Lake's omniscient Walking Man, who was found dead in a hot tub Wednesday night. The walkers took the path that 58-year-old Marc Abrams, often shirtless and in neon running shorts, was well-known for strolling.

The walk came on the heels of a report in the Los Angeles Times indicating Abrams, a physician who closed his office last year, was under investigation for allegedly doling out prescriptions for powerful drugs, sometimes signing them as "Dr. Kevorkian," "Dr. Pepper" and "Dr. Dre."

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Lt. Brian Elias of the Los Angeles County coroner's office told the New York Times that suicide hasn't been ruled out as a possible cause of Abrams' death.

The New York paper notes that the investigation and a possible suicide could complicate efforts to name his favorite walking path, around the Silver Lake reservoir, after the doctor.


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