Let's settle this like gentlemen: With dueling cable ad buys
Let's settle this like gentlemen: With dueling cable ad buys

Howard Berman And Brad Sherman Take Their $9 Million Slapfight To Cable TV

Howard Berman and Brad Sherman are taking their $9 million intraparty slapfight to the airwaves, with dueling attack ads.

The Berman folks are newly energized by the sight of Sherman manhandling their candidate at last week's Pierce College debate, and shouting "Do you want to get into this?"

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Having trailed Sherman by double digits, the Berman side sees that moment as a turning point in the race, and they're looking to capitalize on it with an ad they call "Unhinged."

Take a look:

The Berman folks say this ad will be running as part of a "heavy buy" on Valley cable TV.

The Sherman campaign fired back with its own ad highlighting Berman's fondness for overseas trips:

Looks like the Sherman campaign went to a certain amount of effort to get cardboard Berman cutouts in front of exotic locales.

The Berman campaign has already responded to this issue, putting out a letter last week from former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and George Shultz defending Berman's trips and attacking Sherman:

"Nothing could be more misleading, in this global era, than to suggest that members of Congress should not travel when there is important work to be accomplished. That is especially true in the case of Rep. Howard Berman, who is both a tireless worker for America and a superb advocate for our nation's interests."

Less than three weeks to go! Let's get into this!


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