How Janice Min Can Make 'The Hollywood Reporter' More Like 'Us'

We were as surprised as you were to find out that Janice Min, the ultimate architect of the tabloidization of the entertainment media (and we mean that in the be$t possible way), was taking over editorial leadership at the ultimate Hollywood-insider's trade paper, The Hollywood Reporter.

Will THR broaden beyond the backlot elite and become another Us Weekly (where Min was enormously successful)? Here are five ways Min can Us-up THR and beat the growing competition that has followed in her footsteps:

-Get to the bottom of the Lindsay Lohan-adjacent powder supplements.

-What's under Bret Michaels' bandana? An investigation.

-Publish exclusive photos of the gleam in the eye of the African father of Brad and Angelina's next acquisition.

-Four words: Tiger Woods sex tape.

-Order a hit on Harvey Levin.


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