Honda's Scary Robots Invade L.A.

Preparing the way for the debut of Honda's 49-foot version of its ASIMO humanoid, which will lead Thursday's Rose Parade, the Japanese car giant this week sent hordes of its mini-sized ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) models into Los Angeles. Having vanquished Detroit's Big Three automakers, Honda's robots are in town to dictate the terms of a new economical order. Here are some edifying scenes from the humanoids' encounters with local officials.

Left: A Honda robot welcomes L.A.County Economic Development Corp. vice president Jack Kyser (l) and developer Rick Caruso (r) to the new Honda Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard. 

Below: An ASIMO robot passes mural depicting world industries crushed by Honda.
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Right: Ever sensitive to local feelings, an alpha robot

instructs the L.A. City Council and Board of Supervisors on the new

direction local industries will be taking: "People of Earth -- look to

your sun!"


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