Hollywood Traffic Alert Tonight

If you were planning on picking up that boxed set of unrecorded Hank Williams songs at Amoeba Music tonight, or chowing down on BoHo's happy hour pizzas, you might want to consider taking the Red Line subway. From 5-7 p.m. the red carpet treatment preceding the world premiere for the Adam Sandler-Seth Rogen film Funny People will pack out the area surrounding ArcLight Cinema with media, celebs and tourists. This means Sunset Boulevard between Vine Street and Cahuenga Boulevard will be even more gridlocky than usual at rush hour.

Don't bother checking for details on the city's street closure site -- the Department of Transportation hasn't gotten past listing last May's Hollywood alerts for Drag Me to Hell and Up. To be fair, there might not be any closures tonight, but traffic's still not going to be pretty.


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