HIV Infections in Los Angeles: There's a Map For That

So you want to know how many of your neighbors have HIV or where the hotspots for the virus are in L.A. County?

There's a map for that.

A new location service developed with the help of Emory University called www.aidsvu.org will help you fined "zip-code-level" info on HIV cases. L.A. will be one of the first metropolitan areas in the nation ...

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... to get the map, according to a statement sent to the Weekly.

The map will be unveiled tomorrow, just in time for World AIDS Day.

The folks doing P.R. for the Emory University project say ...

... the release of this data will mark the first time L.A. County zip-code-level HIV prevalence rates by sex, race/ethnicity and age groups will be displayed on an interactive map.

The rest of the info about the map project will have to wait until after a 9 a.m. Thursday press conference by "on the state of the HIV and STD response in L.A. County" by county AIDS policy director Mario Perez, we're told.



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