Hispanic Barbie 'Can Be President,' Apparently

Hispanic Barbie 'Can Be President,' Apparently

As the Democrats started their short week in Charlotte with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the helm of the party's convention, it came to our attention that this whole idea of a Latino in the White House has legs.

Long, sexy legs.

Did you know that El Segundo-based Mattel, Inc. has a "Hispanic" Barbie? And not any Hispanic Barbie, but a ...

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... "I Can Be...™ President B Party™ Doll."

Yep. Latinas can be presidents party dolls too. Technically. The Textmex blog of SoCal professor William A. Nericcio made the discovery and asked the only possible question:

Is She a Democrat or a Republican ... ?

She's a Democrat, professor, despite her atypically green eyes and clear lack of J-Lo booty. (Where did they find this "Hispanic?" In Marco Rubio's office?).

Hispanic Barbie 'Can Be President,' Apparently

Not be outdone, however, the Republicans are proposing to Mattel the following new Barbie products:

-I Can Be Arnold's Maid AND Baby Mama Doll.™

-I Can Be a Mexican-Born Relative of Mitt Romney AND Still Be Shitted On By The GOP Doll.™

-I Can Be Born Here AND Still Be Asked For ID to Vote Doll.™

-I Can Be President AND Still Have Immediate Family Members Deported Doll.™

-I Can Be Blamed For George Bush's Great Recession Doll.™

Girls are already lining up like would-be Americans at the border. Let's hope they all grow up to be voters, at least.

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