Hermosa Beach: Woo! Wait, not woo.
Hermosa Beach: Woo! Wait, not woo.
Ian Broyles

Hermosa Beach Cigarette Nazis Ban Smoking Pretty Much Everywhere in South Bay Town

Ah, the South Bay.

Home of the Beach Boys, the laid-back, California lifestyle and, of course, white people partying.

And now it's also where you'll find ... cigarette Nazis!

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That's right, the salt-air breezes don't seem to dissipate the anti-smoking tsunami sweeping California (West Hollywood, Santa Monica):

The Hermosa Beach City Council this week voted to outlaw smoking pretty much everywhere.

A city report describes the new law this way: " ... Smoking is prohibited in all outdoor dining and other public areas."

The ordinance, which goes into effect March 1 and is backed by fines of up to $500, says smoking is outlawed in "restaurant patios/outdoor dining, Pier Plaza, all city parks and greenbelt, the Strand and public parking lots."

At least one resident was smoking mad. Travers Devine wrote to the council:

I have serious difficulty in accepting a ban on smoking outdoors. In the open air smoke dissipates to a point where the threat to an individual's health is minimal if existent at all. The ban is unnecessary, an extremist measure and counterproductive to business interests.

Amen. What do you think?



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