Did he mean a post-it gun?
Did he mean a post-it gun?
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Hermosa Beach Bank Robber Channels Woody Allen, Hands Teller Note Reading 'I Have A Gun; Give Me The Money'

We know the texting generation is more comfortable using their letters -- and now, with new e-mail capabilities, Facebook can finally erase any lingering need for verbal communication -- but we had hoped at least bank robbers might keep it loud and old-school.

According to Hermosa Beach police officers, who are stoked something finally happened in Hermosa Beach, a 25- to 35-year-old white guy stole almost $4,000 from a Wells Fargo branch at 1501 Pacific Coast Highway around noon today.

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Instead of yelling something bad-ass, the guy handed her a note that read:

"I have a gun; give me the money."

We'll just hope it was a modernized reference to Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run," in which he decided to spell "gun" right this time.

We're also hoping that what police thought was a semicolon was actually a winky face. In that case, Woody Jr. -- aside from his gray Volcom baseball cap and Hurley T-shirt -- actually would be pretty bad-ass.

Investigators said the suspect was last seen running southwest through the parking lot toward Pier Avenue. Anyone with information about his identity (duh: mute hipster) or whereabouts is urged to call Detective Jon Sibbald at (310) 318-0341.

Psst, Woody -- just make sure you don't put the damn thing in your status.

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