Here Are 10 House-Hunting "Bargain" Neighborhoods in L.A.

Real estate listings site Redfin recently released its latest sales report for Los Angeles

Its analysis, based on March sales, found that the median home price in the market is $575,000. Ouch.

The median price of a house on the Westside "broke" the $1.2 million barrier mark, a spokesman for the site said.

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There's still hope, however (if you live in a two-paycheck home where both people make way more than L.A.'s median household income ... ).

Here are the 10 most-affordable real estate communities in Los Angeles highlighted by Redfin's report. Some of the areas are crime-challenged. Others are just challenged. But look closely and you might find a hidden gem:

10. North Valley $455,000

9. Sun Valley $440,000  

8. Fox Hills $432,000  

7. Sylmar $400,000  

6. South L.A.  $386,000  

5. Panorama City $368,000

4. "South Central" L.A.  $359,450 

3. West Long Beach $355,100 

2. Pacoima $343,000  

1. Watts $287,500

Happy house hunting. 


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