Let the wife swapping commence!
Let the wife swapping commence!

Help Fund 'Swinging In Suburbia' -- It's Like 'Best In Show' But w/ More Cuckolding

If Christopher Guest had a kinky side (or at least more time to make movies) he'd have surely joined in on what looks like the first film to poke fun at the swinger community without insulting or marginalizing those who live the lifestyle.

"Swinging In Suburbia" is an independent film currently in pre-production that explores what would happen when the kinds of people you'd find bagging your groceries or handling your insurance claims decide to have a sex party.

But the filmmakers are running out of money and have set up an Indiegogo account (the same program that helped raise enough money to help abused bus attendant Karen Klein retire from being berated by little brats) to help finish what they've started.

Director/writer/producer Mike Mayer and writer Greg Benson had enough of a budget to get a solid cast together (who knew that Dave guy from "MTV's Wannabe a VJ" was so funny?) and put together a reel of how the film will look and feel. "There is nothing funnier than people trying to hide the truth from each other, or from themselves," the filmmakers said. "'Swinging In Suburbia' is a film about secrets, full of outrageous sex humor and slapstick comedy. The characters are, in their own ways, just looking for love and their angst is a window into the awkwardness of the human condition." Aw, ain't that sweet. But what about the "real" swingers in the world? How might they feel about the way swingers are portrayed in a feature film made by two men who have assured me they haven't swapped wives? (Yet.) "I have been in the swingers lifestyle for over 20 years and yes they are everyday normal people from all walks of life," said Hercules Liotard, a sex, love and intimacy coach at The Pleasure Coach online. "However, on the other hand, they are not everyday normal people because people who are comfortable and true lifestylists are much more sexually aware and evolved." And fortunately the creators of "Swinging In Suburbia" refrain from making fun of those who are "true lifestylists" and instead opens a dialog -- albeit, a funny one -- about a subject that most often ends up a punch line rather than discussion topic. (Understandably so, as you'll see from watching the video below.)

Thankfully Mayer and Benson aren't in the business of morality-mongering and simply want to tell a common tale in an off-kilter way. The duo say they spent countless hours with character development (portrayed similarly to that of such sardonic hits as "Best In Show," "Waiting for Guffman," and "A Mighty Wind") in order to make them as believable -- and lovable -- as possible. "I promise you this film is not a morality tale; I do not take sides in any debate about swinging," Mayer said. "Some characters relish in their lifestyle, and others find their lives turned upside down. But, in general, the characters who are honest with themselves and with each other get what they want. And, in that sense, you could say we are taking a stand against hypocrisy in this film." That's all great and stuff...but if this film doesn't get made then all of that hard anti-hypocrisy work will go to waste. And besides, it looks like this shit's going to be really funny. So if you're a fan of Guest-style filmmaking and/or eager to see a taboo topic handled with a seemingly eloquent and clever comedic style, donate what you can to the "Swinging In Suburbia" Indiegogo account! For your consideration:

Swinging In Suburbia HD from Michael Mayer on Vimeo.


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