Dr. Drew.
Dr. Drew.

Harm Reduction Journal: Research Shows Smoking Weed In Rehab Is Okay

Dr. Drew would keel over at the notion, but a study published Friday in the pro-pot Harm Reduction Journal suggests that it's okay smoke weed while trying to ween yourself off other drugs.

That's right, forget the total, 12-step program. According to researcher Ronald Swartz "cannabis use did not seem to compromise substance abuse treatment" during his look at both medical marijuana users and non-pot smokers. The success rate of both groups in dealing with the abuse of other substances was the same, he writes.

" ... Medical marijuana is consistent with participation in other forms of drug treatment and may not adversely affect positive treatment outcomes," Swartz writes.

So go ahead -- while you work on that drinking problem at the Betty Ford Center or deal with those cocaine pangs in Celebrity Rehab -- spark up that bowl. Just don't tell Dr. Drew.


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