Halloween Sex Creeps To See L.A. County Crackdown Tonight
Susan Slade Sanchez

Halloween Sex Creeps To See L.A. County Crackdown Tonight

Pervs and Halloween go together like milk and cookies, sure.

But those nutcases who have attacked children are scarier than any costume or drunk you'll see tonight. And so the L.A. County Probation Department is going to check on "high risk child sex offenders" to make sure these guys (and let's be clear here, they're mostly guys) are not on the streets trying to give or take candy or anything else:

Authorities are calling it (cue pipe organ sounds):

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Operation Halloween.


Probation is targeting the 100 spookiest offenders, in fact, to make sure they're complying with the terms of their freedom.

These folks aren't supposed to be participating in any Halloween festivities, the county says, including donning costumes, giving out candy, contacting children, putting up decorations or even keeping their porch lights on.

The county notes in a statement that two people were busted during a similar operation last year: One of them allegedly had a trap door to a hidden room. Yikes.

Reaver Bingham, deputy chief of L.A. County Adult Services says:

This is about public safety. We are targeting 100 of our highest risk child sex offenders to make sure they are in compliance with court ordered terms of their probation.

Guess Halloween will be a little less spooky. Fine with us.

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