Can Gloria Allred swing another election with dirt against the GOP?
Can Gloria Allred swing another election with dirt against the GOP?

Gloria Allred Tries to Upend Mitt Romney, Seeking Allegedly Ugly Sealed Testimony From Staples Divorce Case 20 Years Ago

Update:The judge weighs in on the Allred-Romney-Stemberg hearing. See at bottom.

Will the greatest October-surprise schemer in California history, attorney Gloria Allred, who trotted out Meg Whitman's housekeeper Nicky Diaz (actually in late September) before the 2010 election and instantly sank Whitman in the polls, all but handing Jerry Brown the governorship -- do it again?

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Allred has jumped into the Obama versus Romney presidential election, appearing in court with Maureen Stemberg Sullivan, first wife to Tom Stemberg, the founder of fantastically successful Staples. Stemberg got his seed money from Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Romney testified in the hideously bitter divorce two decades ago of Maureen and Tom. Super Glo has tapped into her incredible media hotline to, according to Radaronline, imply that Romney lied or otherwise ruined his chances to be president. She wants those sealed transcripts! Juicy!

The only problem is, Romney's people are saying that once they finish reading the long- sealed testimony (such sealing by the court is common in divorces among the rich), they probably will not object to the release of Romney's comments.


Could Super Glo be delivering an October Clunker instead of an October Surprise?

The drama is unfolding far from Allred's home base in Los Angeles, in Canton, Mass. There, a probate judge will hold another hearing today on whether to unseal the 20-year-old testimony.

The key driver behind the request to unseal the documents is the Boston Globe. A Globe attorney, Jonathan Albano, yesterday told Judge Jennifer Ulwick that the public has a right to hear Romney's expert testimony from the early 1990s.

The always contentious and highly effective Allred says Romney was not an "expert" and implies that Romney was just being a duplicitous wing man for his still-close buddy Tom Stemberg.

Somehow, Super Glo came up with two booklets of the supposedly secret testimony.

Hmm, let's imagine how many months Gloria has been working this angle, getting her hands on the old testimony and primping the former Mrs. Stemberg for the cameras.

When it comes to creating bad press, the woman is a genius. The only question now is whether Romney's substantial crew is smarter and has more of the truth on its side than does Super Glo.

A guy from Romney's camp says Romney "has no objection to letting the public see that testimony."

Perhaps or perhaps not. Remember, one day at the end of September in 2010, Meg Whitman appeared to be winning the governorship in California, despite her terrible debate abilities, because Jerry Brown was being so vague and uncertain as he campaigned for governor.

But a few days later in October, post-Super Glo, Whitman was suddenly on the badly tilting deck of a doomed ship.

Update: The Norfolk County probate court judge has delayed the hearing by one day, to Thursday, Oct. 25, at 9 a.m. at which time the judge will decide whether to unseal the testimony. TV cameras will be allowed, so expect a zoo.


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