Gloria Allred Reveals 380 Media Contacts in Oscar Email Blast

Gloria Allred is perhaps the most sophisticated of celebrity lawyers. If there's a booby being inappropriately touched in the workplace somewhere, you know she'll be front-and-center with the victim, surrounded by a sea of news cameras.

But today Allred herself is being painted as a, well, boob.

She inadvertently blasted her media contact list to her ... media contacts yesterday. This gives you some insight into how Allred shamelessly gets press:

The email that went out 9:48 a.m. yesterday was titled "Woman Who Alleged That She Had a Thirteen-Year Affair with Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain to Walk the Red Carpet with Gloria Allred."

Yeah. This is what it was about:

Attorney Gloria Allred will walk the red carpet with her guest, Ginger White, at the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party on Sunday ...

... Ms. White ... decided to go public with her allegation of a thirteen year affair with Mr. Cain ...

The blast wasn't blind copied (bcc'd). Rather it was directly mailed "to," so that the names and email addresses of the 380 recipients were included. They're a who's who of media types in L.A., including a few contacts at the Weekly. (See the full list here).

But 380 is a relatively small list, leading some to wonder if she's doing it right (trust us, she is).

Twitter user John LaHair:

Only 380 media contacts on Gloria Allred's distribution list? Looks like she needs a better p.r. pro

Andrew Starr tweeted:

Mass pitching usually isn't a good idea anyway. But at least make sure to avoid this ...

Others, however, were impressed. Debra Pickett:

Well, we already knew she was a lawyer with a great media list

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