Statue of a Victorious Youth.
Statue of a Victorious Youth.

Getty Gets Cozy With Italains Despite Dispute

At the same time the J. Paul Getty Trust is fighting Italy over ownership of a great, 2,000-year-old bronze statue, the J. Paul Getty Museum announced that it will present exhibitions in cooperation with the Sicilian cultural ministry.

According to the Associated Press, the collaboration announced Wednesday in Los Angeles and Polermo will include two exhibitions inspired by Sicily's founding Greek colonies and settlements. Sicilian museums will lend the Los Angeles institution works for the West Coast portion of the exhibitions.

In turn, the Getty will organize a conference in Sicily about how to protect museum-based works of art from earthquakes. The collaboration will also include art-conservation and research projects.

Interestingly, the statue Italy and the Getty Trust are fighting over is of Greek origin. Called the Statue of a Victorious Youth, it's on display at the Getty Villa Malibu.


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