Marc Abrams
Marc Abrams

Garcetti On The Walking Man Memorial Loop: Let Me Get Back To You On That

The L.A. City Council adjourned today in memory of Marc Abrams, the Walking Man of Silver Lake, who died on Wednesday.

There has been an outpouring of grief on Facebook. "RIP Silver Lake Walker / Marc Abrams" has been liked 2700 times, and Rico Gagliano of Dinner Party Download has launched a group dedicated to naming the Silver Lake Reservoir path for Abrams, which has 260 members.

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Council President Eric Garcetti represents the area, so any move to rename the path would have to go through him. Asked for Garcetti's thoughts on the idea, spokesman Yusef Robb was non-committal.

"The councilman's going to work with the community and recognize him in some way," Robb said.

Garcetti was approached by constituents about the issue when he was in Silver Lake yesterday, Robb said.

"It's still very soon," Robb said. "We've got to figure out the best way to do it."


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