Gadhafi: Nutter numero uno.
Gadhafi: Nutter numero uno.

Gadhafi Likens Protesters to Ravers on Drugs (Sort of)

Ravers have become a powerful constituency in L.A. In 10 short years the ecstasy-fueled party has gone from underground problem to mainstream concert at public venues such as the Coliseum and Sports Arena, where some elected officials have defended the events.

But who knew all the way across the world in Libya ravers were starting a revolution?

That, at least, might be your conclusion after hearing the words of dictator Moammar Gadhafi Tuesday:

He blamed unrest in his nation -- and calls for his ouster -- on youths drugged up on "hallucination pills."

Freedom-loving ravers, American-style.
Freedom-loving ravers, American-style.

Hmm. Were they Mitsubishis? Maybe Mickey Mouses? How about Obamas. We here those are good -- revolutionary, even.

Gadhafi said the drugged-up youth would face death under Islamic law. See, L.A. e-tards -- it's not so bad over here.

Actually, sorry ravers. You're the sober ones for once. Gadhafi is a nutter not even worthy of L.A.'s most out-of-control parties.


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