From the Fullerton Furry Murders to the Proposition That Will Shape L.A. — Our Top News Stories

From the Fullerton Furry Murders to the Proposition That Will Shape L.A. — Our Top News Stories

From corruption in the Alhambra City Council to a triple murder in Fullerton, our top SoCal stories explore the underbelly of L.A. and investigate the inner workings of our city.  While L.A. homeowners are stressed and playing Pokemon GO while driving is now illegal, it's not all bad news.  

So take a look at some of our big stories of the week.

Tall vs. Sprawl: Build Better L.A. Proposition Will Determine Our City’s Future 
Proposition JJJ also is known as Build Better L.A., though neither name will be all that familiar to Angelenos. Proposition JJJ lies at the center of L.A.'s most critical and existential debate: What kind of city should it be? Should it be tall and dense, with more mass transit and bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets, or more like it was 30 years ago — wide, sprawling, dominated by single-family homes and freeways and cars?

Read the full L.A. Weekly story here.

Ken Toh
Peter Dover

Ken Toh Exposed a Cover-up at the Alhambra Fire Department; Now He's Running for City Council 

Ken Toh is running for a council seat, and things in Alhambra just got a lot more interesting. Toh is the fire-protection specialist whom the Alhambra Fire Department forced out for pursuing evidence that showed a blaze the year before in a largely Chinese section of Alhambra was an act of arson — not, as the department had concluded, an electrical fire.

Read the full L.A. Weekly story here.

The slums of L.A.'s Westside
The slums of L.A.'s Westside

Donald Trump Thinks Los Angeles' Airport Is "Third World" 
Donald Trump said a lot of things at the first presidential debate that might have made you cringe, from his argument that one of his golf resorts was an example of racial inclusion to his claims that he never supported the Iraq warBut when he compared Los Angeles International Airport to a "third world" facility, it was personal, at least in L.A.

Read the full L.A. Weekly story here

Victim, Suspects in Tragic Fullerton Murders Were "Furries," Reports Say 
Two men charged on suspicion of murdering three people in Fullerton were involved in the "furry" community, according to reports. Victim Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, 39, and her 17-year-old daughter were also furries, according to reports. 

Read the full L.A. Weekly story here.

Los Angeles Home Prices Climb to a New High 
With home sales having slowed down a bit in spring and summer, and with prices appearing to level off a little, there's been some speculation that we're witnessing the top of a real estate bubble in Los Angeles. But a new report from real estate listings and sales firm Redfin seems to show that this market still has plenty of upward mobility. 

Read the full L.A. Weekly story here.


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