Finding the Perfect Sex Toy

Looking for that perfect plaything to get you off? Today's sexual product market is overflowing with a dizzying array of choices in virtually every category imaginable, so here are a few handy tips to take to your local sex boutique or favorite website:

Get to know yourself. Take a few minutes to think about what tickles your pleasure zones. Have you used sex toys before? If so, what was the experience like? Have you used them alone and/or with a partner? Do you mainly crave clitoral stimulation, penetration, or both? What have past lovers done to push you up to and over the edge of ecstasy? Are you able to bring yourself to orgasm? A few sessions getting intimate alone can go a long way toward helping choose that perfect bedroom enhancement. Get comfortable with your own sexuality and do some exploration; it may be uncomfortable at first, but stick with it and realize it's OK to enjoy sexual pleasure!

Know your terminology. A phallic shaped object meant to be inserted into your vagina or anus is called a dildo. They come in all manner of materials, most commonly silicone, glass, plastic, and latex, and usually need to be lubricated before insertion. A vibrator is just that, an object that has a motor providing vibration to add stimulation to either the clitoris, vaginal opening, or both (a “rabbit” vibrator is a device that combines an insert able dildo with clitoral vibrator to simultaneously pleasure both areas). BDSM refers to Bondage, Domination, Sado, Masochism and includes such items as whips, cuffs, gag balls, and other things to heighten sensory pleasures.

Don't forget the lube. Lubricants are recommended for use with most insert able toys, and come in formulations ranging from plant cellulose to pure silicone and are meant to reduce friction during penetration. Though you'll typically see dozens of different brands on store shelves, most fall into three categories: water-based, blends, and silicone. Water based lubricants wash away easily and work in tandem with your own moisture to provide a comfortable environment for toys (or your lover), while blends add a touch of silicone for even more glide. Silicone lubricants are the slipperiest of all and should be used when little moisture is produced naturally and/or for anal play. Silicone lube can also be used in water play and lasts the longest. Beware, however, that silicone lubricant tastes nasty and is almost impossible to wash out of fabric.

Finally, have fun with the experience. If you're at all uncomfortable shopping for sex products, grab a friend (or two), down a glass of wine, and hit your local sex boutique for a couple hours of laughs. You'll probably see things you never knew existed and objects that'll make you go “Huh?” Embrace the experience and it'll embrace you!


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