Female Sex Criminals Get Off Easy

You know those stories in the news about young female teachers accused of having sex with their male teen students?

And you're like, yeah, but she's hot! And he's probably the toast of his boys!

Well, maybe some judges feel the same way, too.

A new study from an L.A. based publication says that women get more lenient sentences for the same sex crimes:

The paper, "Sex-Based Sentencing," recently posted in the journal Feminist Criminology, published by L.A.-based Sage Publications, concludes that men see from 6 to 31 percent more time for the same or similar offenses.

But ... men are disgusting.

Randa Embry and Phillip M. Lyons, Jr., authors of the study, write:

It appears as if the criminal justice system actually treats women more leniently than men.

Their theory is that women are regarded, stereotypically, as the weaker sex, more worthy of protection than punishment. (Damn teen boys).

The data is a little old -- authors looked at the U.S. Department of Justice's National Corrections Reporting Program stats from 1994 to 2004 -- but it probably holds.

They conclude:

This leads to the supposition that women, regardless of the departure from social and gender norms committed in concurrence with the offense for which they are being sentenced, continue to be viewed as individuals who should be protected by the justice system.

A lot of teen boys would agree with that notion.

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