Wonder if R2D2 enjoyed the suppository.
Wonder if R2D2 enjoyed the suppository.

Female High School Student Caught Allegedly Hiding Weed In Mini R2D2

This is why you should vote to legalize pot in California: In the crazy state of Florida a high school student was arrested for alleged pot possession and intent to sell after an assistant principal said he found a little weed in her R2D2 keyring.

Well, actually, it was five individual packages ready for sale -- allegedly. And California's Prop. 19 actually wouldn't have changed the Lehigh Senior High School teen's predicament:

It would only allow the 21-and-over set to have up to an ounce for personal use.

But still. Poor thing. Natalie Velez, the Ft. Myers-area teen, was just trying to get closer to the Death Star by sharing her love of cannabis.

Authorities say she planned to sell the bags for $5 a piece. Good deal. Where was she when we were in school?

[ABC7 Ft. Myers].


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