Fantasy Candidates for LAPD Chief

As much as the can-do attitude of departing LAPD Chief Bill Bratton has been extolled lately, let's not forget there are plenty of potential replacements who have already proven their policy savvy and ability to charm the public. Here we present four fantasy contenders to be the next chief. Please remember -- a fantasy is not necessarily a dream.

Fantasy Candidates for LAPD Chief
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1. Pete Carroll. Would bring a sense of team spirit (and victory) to a department traditionally led by moody loners.

2. Antonio Villaraigosa. Modern L.A.'s first Latino mayor would become its first Latino chief. Already popular with the rank and file.

Fantasy Candidates for LAPD Chief
Fantasy Candidates for LAPD Chief

3.Cardinal Roger Mahony. L.A.'s first Angeleno-born cardinal, His Eminence

would also be the first L.A. native to sit as LAPD chief since Daryl Gates.

The cardinal might make his own interrogation more convenient for detectives while streamlining the issuing of search warrants on the archdiocese.

4. Joe Torre. The popular Dodger skipper would bring a brooding yet winning self-confidence to the department. He could be a first by getting bobble-heads made of himself as both manager and chief.


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