El Fabuloso.
El Fabuloso.

Fabian Nunez Makes A Move For Treasurer, But Is It Sincere?

They called former California Assembly speaker Willie Brown "Slick Willie" for his political prowess, but perhaps another man to hold the state house position, Los Angeles Democrat Fabian Nunez, is just as worthy of being called His Slickness (or, perhaps, El Fabuloso?).

Nunez, who represented Southeast Los Angeles before being termed out in 2008, has filed papers with the Secretary of State indicated his desire to run for state Treasurer in 2014. The question is, as the Los Angeles Times points out, whether it's a sincere move or just a slick way of holding on to his campaign war chest.

The powerful politico, onetime union leader and friend of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has $5 million in use-it-or-lose-it campaign cash. By filing for the treasurer position he can at least pretend to have the money for campaign purposes, even if doesn't really want the job. Meanwhile, he can hunt for a bigger, better office.

Nunez had already filed papers to run for the state senate this year only to take a pass and continue to work in the private sector.

His spokesman insisted to the Times that Nunez was not playing games this time around: "It's not just a place to park the funds," Steve Maviglio said.


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