Miley Cyrus wears thongs.
Miley Cyrus wears thongs.
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Even in Spring, Flip-Flops Are a Bad Habit For Your Feet, Doc John Whyte Says

Ah, flip-flops.

Them's formal wear in L.A., where the most under-dressed person in the room is usually the most powerful.

(It says you have gravitas when you show up to a high-power meeting riding a beach cruiser in your jammies).

Spring is upon us, so it's certainly the season for Chinese made foot thongs. But, behold Hollywood creatives, they might not be the healthiest footwear.

A Discovery Channel doctor has the balls to call out this podiatric lingerie as unsuitable for daily hoofing:

... Many of our favorite flip-flops can be sending us feet first into serious injuries to our feet, ankles, knees, hips and even our back. Over time these injuries can lead to serious bone, tendon, and joint damage.

So writes Dr. John Whyte at Huffington Post.

Whyte says there's been plenty of research on flip-flops: Because we tend to grip the lower part of the footwear with our toes, strides are shortened and increased weight and stress is transferred through our feet and legs.

People who aren't flat-footed could become so, he says. And forget about the lack of protection: Cuts, bruises, the like.

Conclusion? " ... Wear your sandals and flip-flops in moderation," the doc writes.

Don't become a flip-flop-aholic.


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