El Cid.
El Cid.
Mikey Wally

El Cid, Silver Lake Nightclub, Inspires Neighbors to Complain of Public Sex, Noise

It's an age-old tale: Yuppies move into urban neighborhood because it has grit, nightlife, and diversity. Yupplies complain about said grit, nightlife and diversity.

Such is the case, it seems, around the venerable, decades-old El Cid restaurant and nightclub on Sunset Boulevard, which has been targeted by locals who say they're fed up with noise and drunken behavior.

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One guy, Roberto Juarez, even says ...

... he has caught patrons having sex in his front yard. (Lucky him. Set up a tripod, dude).

This according to NBC Los Angeles, which is set to air a report about this pesky night spot on its 6 p.m. news show.

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Local city Councilman Eric Garcetti says he hears his gentry constituents loud and clear and has warned the club to get its act together.

"What's happening at El Cid is unacceptable," he tells NBC.

And he's not just talking about the lackluster talent on open-mic night Mondays.



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