Eight People Charged In Latest City 'Supergraphics' Crackdown
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Eight People Charged In Latest City 'Supergraphics' Crackdown

As part of its ongoing moves against illegal "supergraphic" advertisements, the City Attorney's office this week filed misdemeanor charges against eight defendants who allegedly took part in the illegal erection and display of two such signs in Hollywood. Two of the defendants posted bail Thursday.

The charges stem from two advertisements, including one for Asics athletic shoes, at the southwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, across the street from another supergraphic that inspired the City Attorney's office to jail the co-owner of is host building last weekend.

Alexander Kouba and France M. Luanghy, part of an outdoor advertising firm doing business as Liberty Media, posted bail, the City Attorney's office told the Weekly. Six other defendants tied to the buildings and an installation company remain charged, although no one was jailed this time around. The supergraphics span the addresses 6800 through 6820 Hollywood Blvd.

The "Asics Sound Mind Sound Body" sign is a traditional, hanging supergraphic, the other is described as a "sticky back supergraphic." The City Attorney's complaint accuses the defendants of erecting a "prohibited supergraphic," erecting an "off-site sign," converting "commercial building into an off-site advertising display," modifying a building "without having first obtained a building permit," and operating and installing electrical equipment or illumination without a permit. With two signs multiplying the charges, there are 10 counts in all.

"The complaint alleges violations of various municipal code sections dealing with supergraphics , off-site signs and other ordinances," deputy City Attorney Spencer Hart told the Weekly. "There will be a formal arraignment of all the defendants. It's still very early."


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