Echo Park Town Houses Halted

Echo Park Town Houses Halted
Fantasy Land? Artist's rendition of Echo Park's Durbin town houses.


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Curbed L.A. report

could be the answer to a question on the minds of many who live along Echo Park Avenue north of Sunset Boulevard. Namely, that the

Durbin town house project

located on the avenue at Delta Street has run out of money. The town houses had been stuck a suspiciously long time in their foundation stage and, with recent construction activity seemingly at a complete standstill, it's been obvious that Durbin's two show homes would not be available for their

announced April viewing

. Curbed L.A.'s writer, Dakota, notes that loose building materials from the project have been gathered and trucked away, and quotes a construction worker as blaming the project's problems on funding.

As planned, Durbin is/was a collection of  36 three-story town houses

that used Echo Park's growing reputation as an arty and gentrified

destination for young Angelenos. Its motto is "Eye on the Past. Mind on

the Future." Perhaps along the way that eye didn't foresee the credit

crunch and recession that have halted many other building projects.

Calls by the L.A. Weekly to Durbin's offices were not returned.


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