Drivers Stopped For 13-Year-Old Girl Killed In Brentwood
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Drivers Stopped For 13-Year-Old Girl Killed In Brentwood

It appears that police won't be pushing for charges against two drivers involved in the death of a 13-year-old girl who was struck by a vehicle as she was heading for a school bus Friday morning in Brentwood.

The chaotic situation -- with the girl's mother and some of her schoolmates witnessing the accident -- contributed to different versions of the story being spread quickly. One said that the driver of a small Mercedes SLK hit her and that her mother pounded on the hood and begged the driver to stop -- to no avail.

Police tell the Los Angeles Times that the side-view mirror of one car might have brushed the girl as she crossed near Sunset Boulevard and Cliffwood Avenue, causing the student to lose balance and stumble squarely into the path of another vehicle driven by a teenager.

Both drivers stopped and stayed at the scene until paramedics arrived, the paper reported. The girl was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Some television reports stated that she might have crossed the street against a red light in an effort to get to the waiting bus. The accident sent officers scrambling for witnesses and possible hit-and-run drivers. In the end, however, it was just a horrible accident. And no one was in a Mercedes.

The girl was later identified as Harvard-Westlake Middle School student Julia Siegler.


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