Depression is up 50 percent in L.A. County.
Depression is up 50 percent in L.A. County.

Depression Up 50 Percent In L.A. County: Look on the Bright Side -- the Economy is Starting to Turn (Right?)

Feeling low? You're not alone. We recently reported how mid-January represents the most depressing time of the year.

Now the county of L.A. this week says that Angelenos are 50 percent more depressed than they were in the late '90s.

What gives? You have to remember, the late '90s were a go-go time of dot-com jobs and booming entrepreneurial spirit. Today?

Not so much. Post 9/11 we had a small bounce back (can you say "bottle service") but by 2007 a lot of people lost jobs, houses and self-respect.

According to a county statement:

" ... 14 percent of adults surveyed countywide reported that they have at some point been diagnosed with depressive disorder, compared to about 9 percent in 1999. This represents an almost 50 percent increase in the frequency of reported depression."

Turns out women have it worse, too: 17 percent of woman said they're depressed compared to 10 percent of men in L.A.

But things are looking up, people. Besides this unusually awesome weather we've been having, consider that the economy is really starting to thaw. Rich people are cashing in their gold (gold prices have been down for the first time in a long time), and that means some of that money will start circulating again.

Also there's Prozac.


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