Demetrius Darnell Allen
Demetrius Darnell Allen

Demetrius Allen, Venice Youth Pastor, Allegedly Had Year-Long Sexual Relationship With 14-Year-Old Parishioner

Police want to know: Were your children spiritually guided by Demetrius Darnell Allen? If so, they could be the victims of a sexual predator in pastor's clothing.

Allen, a 28-year-old youth pastor from the Valley (but working with children in Venice) has been charged with one count of possessing child porn, one count of contacting a minor for sexual offense and 10 counts of lewd act on a child -- lewd enough to set his bail at $1 million.

His 14-year-old female victim was from the Valley, as well, but they met at the First Baptist Church in Venice...

The First Baptist Church, where Allen worked with his alleged victim.
The First Baptist Church, where Allen worked with his alleged victim.

Not the fancy one in Florida, but the somewhat shabby one on Westminster Avenue, located in one of the only remaining low-income patches of Venice Beach. It faces the Oakwood Community Center field, and is surrounded by Section 8 housing.

Allen's relationship with the young teen allegedly began in March 2010, and lasted up until May of this year. He was arrested on August 3. Now, LAPD officials ask that you contact them with reports of any additional victims: (818) 832-0609.

CBS2 reports from outside the church:



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