K2, Spice, et. al.
K2, Spice, et. al.

DEA's Synthetic Marijuana Ban Goes Into Effect Today

Sorry Miley, but there's one less legal drug for you to smoke starting today.

The DEA has basically put synthetic marijuana -- a.k.a. K2 and Spice -- out of business by banning its core ingredients.

The emergency order, a "a Final Rule to Temporarily Control these chemicals for at least 12 months," goes into effect Tuesday.

The "fake-pot" chemicals being banned nationwide include ...

... JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol (PDF).

Good riddance. Though head shops in L.A. have been known to carry the synthetic pot, we're not sure why it's at all popular in a town where getting medical marijuana is about as easy as drive-through chicken.

K2, Spice, et. al.
K2, Spice, et. al.

And, well, the reviews aren't exactly spectacular. Everything from headaches to far-out psychedelic trips have been reported.

But here's something to consider (stoners, dig deep into your beanbag chairs and lay back because we're about to blow your minds):

If medical marijuana is defiantly legal in California, why would any synth-pot retailers rush to take these products off their shelves?

If we can smoke a Schedule 1 drug with impunity (even President Obama's administration has told feds to back off medical marijuana states like California), why would we worry about a quasi-legal drug?

Right? Now exhale.


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