Johnson's booking photo.
Johnson's booking photo.

Danny Johnson, L.A. Occupier Arrested at Chicago Protest, Says Jail Time Was 'Awesome'

Danny Johnson, you've done us proud.

Not only were you cleared of allegations that you punched a Chicago police officer during anti-NATO protests in the Windy City earlier this month, but you went through the ordeal, including a week in jail, with the kind of mellow aplomb only a Southern Californian could demonstrate.

Johnson told the Chicago Sun-Times it was no sweat:

It was awesome. I would not speak badly of my time in Cook County Jail.

[Video contains EXPLICIT language].


If this guy was any cooler he'd be the other side of the pillow.

Organizers of "Occupy Walk USA,", which claims the Angeleno as a member, say Johnson, born Danny Lamar Johnson, had been jailed in lieu of $10,000.

But bail was reportedly raised for him.

The judge in his case believed his story that he did not punch a cop off his bike during a May 15 protest, saying there was no probable cause to prosecute him.

Johnson said the judge ...

... kind of belittled me, and called me all types of names, but after his tirade, he said he wasn't going to send me to jail.

He was freed after 7 days, and this week Johnson turned up in Arizona.

He told the Sun-Times that he used his stay behind bars productively, even educating his jailers about the Occupy movement.

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