Jackie Lacey
Jackie Lacey

D.A.-Elect Jackie Lacey Names Her Administrative Team; Some Alan Jackson Supporters Left Out

D.A.-elect Jackie Lacey is setting up her administration as she prepares to be sworn in on Dec. 3. She's promoting some of her key supporters within the office, while some of those who backed her opponent, Alan Jackson, are losing their jobs.

Lacey appointed Sharon Matsumoto to be her chief deputy. Matsumoto is seen as a neutral figure in the office's internal political battles, having served as an assistant D.A. in the administrations of Gil Garcetti and Steve Cooley.

Pam Booth, a strong Lacey supporter, was promoted to Matsumoto's old job as assistant D.A. for administration. Another Lacey supporter, Joey Esposito, was also promoted to assistant D.A. for special operations.

As for the Jackson supporters, they didn't fare so well...
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Pat Dixon, who was an assistant D.A. under Cooley, will not be part of Lacey's administration. Dixon supervised Jackson in the major crimes unit, and was one of Jackson's strongest supporters within the office.

Janice Maurizi, another Jackson supporter, was a bureau director under Cooley. She also will not be part of Lacey's administrative team.

Bill Hodgman, a veteran of Cooley's administration, was appointed to fill the third assistant D.A. position. Several other longtime assistants to Cooley will stay in place, signaling that the transition to Lacey's administration should be fairly smooth.


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